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    DG43NB weird start-up issue


      I have a DG43NB motherboard which has developed a weird start-up issue. When the computer is first powered up, All of the drive activity lights are lit, and the fans run at full speed. But no video, no beeps no action at all. After about 30 seconds the computer powers down and then powers back up. This time the system enters into POST and boots normally.


      This behavior also occurs when telling the computer to re-start from within the OS.


      I Believe (not am not positive) this behavior started when I changed the RAM settings. The RAM settings were set to auto, however I discoverd that I was experiencing random memory erros. This lead me to look at the BIOS settings to the RAM banks. I then took the BIOS RAM settings out of auto, and changed them to the values recommended by the RAM manufacturer. This solved the random memory errors.