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    What does MCE: 5 Bank 6: be2000000003110a mean?


      I get the subject when trying to boot Linux in UEFI mode with Systemd on Samsung 900x3c-A02 with i5-3317u inside. The same exception occurs when i am trying to disable bluetooth phy (not the adapter, but transiever) with rfkill utility, or when i try to disable keyboard backlight. Windows 8 works fine on my laptop, but it is my second unit, the first one broke, when it was running Win-8 (and under Linux it showed the same symptomps), and i have to exchange it on the second one.


      So... What does that MCE means? I did not find anything appropriate in the Intel's software developers guide. And can that behavior under Linux be fixed? And what should i do in oder to not allow Windows 8 to burn my second quite expensive laptop?


      By the way. When i booting from USB-stick the error emerges a much less frequently.


      - MB, regards.