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    Problems with DX79SI

    Sergio Gontijo do Nascimento

      Hello everybody,


      I have just assembled a new computer and used DX79SI and a 3930K processor, with 32GB Patriot 1333 memory and a GTX680 video card. All seemed fine until I have tried to install Windows 7. The installation loads the first screen until the end of the bar and when it goes to the next screen it shows the image and 1 second after it the system restarts. It has happened with any OS I have tried from XP to Win7, Vista, even SuSE or Ubuntu, it starts the installation and suddenly rests. I am using a Corsair H100 cooler, a Seventeam ST-550P-AG power supply and a Crucial SSD too. Have tried with an old video card 9600 and it acts the same way. Have looked for something in the Internet but nothing really like what is happening here with my new system. I have discovered that the HOT CPU led blinks red at the moment the system restarts but checking the processor temperature right after the rebook it shows the same 49 celsius that is it showing when the system is on setup fan monitoring screen. What is strange is that the fan RPM is almos all the time in 2133 RPM no matter how much noise you can hear from the cooling system, loud or low.


      Someone has an idea of what could be going on? I have tried removing memory sticks and tried with 1, 2 and 4 and same happens. Power supply too weak? I can let the system on setup screen and it stays there working fine.




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          Is the 'UEFI Boot' option enabled in BIOS?


          Update BIOS of MB, stock BIOS of DX79SI is not good. Just download a .bio file from download center, place it on flash drive and push F7 on boot logo.

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            Sergio Gontijo do Nascimento

            Hi JFFulcrum,


            I forgot to say that I have already updated the BIOS to the most recent version of the download center, and everything is still the same, nothing have changed with the update, default values and even battery removal.


            I have called Intel support this morning and they don`t know what can be done but send the motherboard back to them what is a really big mess that will cost me days until I get everything working.




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              Sergio Gontijo do Nascimento

              I have contacted Intel that suggested to send the motherboard back to be replaced. Now I hope the problem is really the motherboard and not the processor.

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                Sergio Gontijo do Nascimento

                I have contacted Intel and they told me to send the motherboard back for warranty replacement.

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                  Same problem I just got my replacement Board SAME problem again!!! really disappointing

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                    Any1 know how to solve this problem?

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                      Fixed with intel bio update 0460!!

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                        Ziad Aghar

                        Dear Sergio,

                        I have the same system that you have. DX79si, GTX 680, except I'm running on 16GB & the Power supply you are using is by NO means efficient. You surely, need to have a more powerful PSU.


                        Go with something that has a good brand name like "corsair" with at least 850 Watts, "especially that you are using  a six core CPU". Which I think it requires 200 watts on its own.


                        Maybe, the PSU is not causing the problem at hand but surely it will arise a big problem in the future.


                        Also make sure that your case is well ventillated & propper cable management to allow proper air flow.


                        If I had to take a wild guess I would say that it's your PSU that is causing the issue.


                        Also make sure that your video card has two dedicated 6 &/or 8 pin attached to it that are directly from the PSU.

                        Keep us updated

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                          My issue returned even with the bios update

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                            Kyle Patton

                            I just got the dx79si the other day and everything seemed to be working fine. I tried to install windows 7 and it went through the the loading page and then freezes on the starting windows page. I have tried everything to get it to boot, messing with the bios, loading windows from usb using uefi. I've also tried multiple installation screens. and then things got alot worse... I tried making the sata configuration ide to see if it made a difference and now it just stops at the post screen no matter what I do. I can no longer get to bios, even with the bios button on the motherboard. I even tried restoring the bios with a update file and removing the bios jumper but it wont work. It just sits at the post screen now. I'm stuck I don't know where to go from here. if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. also the post message on the led read out on the mother board says code Eb. I looked it up and it said that is the legacy boot option. I do not know how to correct this though if I cant get to the bios. Please help me.

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                              brian lorelle

                              I have this same issue.  This is the worst motherboard on the face of the planet.  I am yet to see ONE that will boot properly with 32gb of RAM.  Now I have one that won't even POST in any way.  I want to SMASH THE CRAP out of this motherboard.  What are we supposed to do, Intel?  Is this why you're not making mobos anymore?  Because you have NO IDEA how to make them?

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                                Is Intel doing anything about this? I have filled all slots and no post no anything.

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                                  Over and above the 16Gig Memory limit (so only four of eight slots are used even though I bought the mobo because it had 8 slots) there is no support for the DX79SI, When I try to go to any support page to download software and so on, the page is not found.


                                  Intel? Are you listening?



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                                    Hi everyone,


                                    Just wanted to share that I had a similar problem when I first built my PC.  i7 3930k and a NVIDIA GTX 670 video card with 32 GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM.  The PC would hang randomly after installing Windows 7 PRO 64-bit.  I resolved the problem by updating the BIOS.  Since then I've done one more BIOS update to 3/5/13 date version.  Hope this helps someone with similar problems.


                                    This board has given me quite a few problems.  Found this thread because I just tried to update my Ethernet drivers to whatever newer version available, and it resulted in internet loss every couple of minutes.  Had to restore the system back to previous version.  One of my RAM sticks also randomly stops being recognized.  I'm an NVIDIA supporter, but this motherboard seems to be a dud.