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    Cannot install Drivers for Intel HD graphics


      I have a GA-EP45 motherboard, earlier running a i7-860 with a separate graphic card. INstalled is Win 2008R2 with the Hyper-V-Role enabed.


      Yesterday, I changed the processor to a i5-680 with integrated garphics. The separate ATI card was removed.


      After reboot, I have a video signal on the VGA-connector of the board.


      Win 2008 R2 shows me a "Standard VGA card" with no yellow exclamation marks in Device manager.

      So far, anything is working .


      Now, I tried to install drivers for the integrated graphics and downloaded the newest drivers from website for Win7/64 (there are no separate dirvers for W2008R2 found)

      The installation fails with a message thtat the system does not meet the minimum requirements for this software.

      Following the readme.txt, my computer meets the requirements, especially NET Frameweork is installed and also the "Desktopdarstellung" is there.


      Trying to manually update the drivers says only, that tehe drivers are already up-to-date


      What can I do?

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          Unfortunately, Intel did not develop Windows server drivers for desktop and mobile graphics controllers. You will need to stick with generic Microsoft drivers or change your operating system for a supported one.


          See a list of supported operating system for your graphics controller here:




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            I had a similar problem with my computer when I first put it together and ran through setup. I found a solution somewhere to turn disable the graphics standby and deep standby settings in the bios. This stops my computer from being able to properly go into sleep or hibernate mode (so i turned off hibernate to get that 16GB back on my SSD) but it did allow me to install and utilize the HD 4000 graphics. This may be something that can help you.


            Edit: I did have to update the graphics through device manager because I got the same message as you trying to install from the intel download.