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    Problem with warranty replacement of Intel i7 920



           I had purchased an Intel DX58SO motherboard alongwith an Intel i7 920 processor and Intel CPU cooler a while back. I purchased all the 3 items together. Lately, I have been experiencing difficulties with my motherboard and processor. When I contacted Intel Customer Support in INDIA, they informed me that the motherboard is in warranty and will be replaced. However, they denied replacement of the processor stating that it is "OUT OF WARRANTY"; I have personally contacted them both by phone as well as e-mail but they have so far not given me a positive response. I have even talked to the Intel Customer Support Engineer of Asia Pacific region but to no avail.

           Please could someone help me regarding this issue. I fail to comprehend that why is such a discrepancy occurring when I purchased all the 3 products at the same time.

           Awaiting a speedy response.Thank you.

      Dr. Karun Kumar