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    No video on resume from sleep Z77


      I'm using the onboard video from my Intel Core i5 3570K / Asrock Z77 Extreme 6.


      Sometimes -- and I haven't determined the exact conditions yet -- when the system has gone into Standby (power light blinking), I touch a key on the keyboard and the system plainly wakes up but the display remains blank. I'm running Windows 7 Pro and Windows is definitely awake behind the blank screen: I press Enter to login to the suspended user profile (no password) and hear the sound. I can then press the Windows key + R, to get to the Run dialog, and then type shutdown -r. This forces a shutdown and reboot (which I decided was better than using the restart button on the case or simply turning the power off because it gives Windows a chance to shutdown gracefully).


      On reboot, everything is back to normal.


      Is this an issue with the Asrock BIOS or with the Intel HD Graphics driver? Has anyone else experienced this?


      I have Asrock BIOS version 1.50 and Intel HD 4000 graphics driver version 2696. I realize that neither of these is the latest version, but I'm generally of the view that drivers shouldn't be updated just to have the latest version -- and I haven't seen any mention of this issue in the readme/release notes for either the newer BIOS versions or the newer video driver.