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    82574L NIC on DZ77GA-70K failing repeatedly


      New Windows 8 install on DZ77GA-70K board.  About every 24-48 hours the 82574L integrated NIC fails hard--all communication through it stops and Windows will not shut down--the NIC seems to be hanging it.  I see the same thing when looking at the NIC properties when it is hung and trying to apply any changes (e.g. IP address change)--the properties dialog hangs.


      Have updated to latest drivers and latest BIOS.  Problems continue.  Am about to RMA the board.

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          I can confirm the exact same problem. I too have a new DZ77GA-70K and Windows 8 RTM, and the 82574L NIC keeps losing the connection. I have to reboot the computer to get it fixed - disabling the adapter from Windows won't help, I can disable the adapter but Windows won't re-enable the adapter. After several re-enable attempts the system sometimes hangs completely. Many of disconnections have happened when I'm transferring a file from my LAN server, it comes in about 50 MB/s speed from the server.


          I downloaded the PROWin8_64_v17.3 drivers, but the package only seemed to update the 82579V adapter drivers, dated 10.8.2012. 82574L still has older drivers, dated 10.7.2012.


          Motherboard bios version is 0053. I have a Zyxel GS-105B switch on the other end, which used to work without a hitch on my old computer's Intel 9301CT NIC. Event viewer only reports the following:

          "Intel(R) 82574L Gigabit Network Connection

          Network link is disconnected."


          I will now try to disable the power saving features from the adapter, I'd hate to RMA the board. Installing Win7 would also be annoying just to confirm this isn't a Win8 problem.

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            Windows is reporting my driver version as (dated July 10 2012).  I believe these are the latest drivers, and the PROSet version is  Looks like we are both running the latest available drivers.


            The 82579LM works without a hitch, and I've also since tried adding an Intel NIC which also uses the 82574L chipset--and it works as well (at least, it doesn't fail before the built-in NIC does).  I am wondering if this is a bad batch of motherboards with a malfunctioning 82574 chip.  Or else they screwed up integrating it on the motherboard.  Intel probably has this as low priority because Windows 8 isn't out yet.


            My replacement motherboard comes today, but it will be a few days before I can say whether it resolves anything because the problem is intermittant (>24 hours uptime before symptom).  Will update this weekend with results.


            Also I am not using suspend or hibernate on this computer, it is running all the time, and I didn't see any power management settings for the driver other than link speed on suspend.  I turned off that setting for whatever it's worth.

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              Yes, my 82574L is on the driver version (10.7.2012). My 82579V driver is version (10.8.2012). Strange that the second NIC reports as LM to you and mine is V. Are you still suffering from this Re: 82579V + 16.8 drivers = strange behavior ? problem even with the new drivers? Or are there already different revisions of the board in sale? According to the box mine was made in 07 JUN 12.


              Yeah I guess it's a bit problematic with Windows 8 not officially out yet. That's why I was thinking about downgrading to Windows 7, but I've just about configured all things the way I want in Win8 so  really wouldn't want to go down that road. I don't necessarily have to wait for 24 hours for the problem to occur, today I had the computer on for 2 hours and the NIC stopped working. I too was referring to the "Reduce link speed during standby" power setting, I turned that off today after it failed. No problems after that, but then again it can go without a problem for several days, so it makes it hard to say anything about the stability right away.

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                Well disabling the "Reduce link speed during standby" option didn't help with the problem, the 82574L NIC has failed twice after my last post. How has the replacement board been working for you?

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                  Nope.  Still get sudden failures of NIC that require a reboot.

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                    Also, can't get to download center.  Search on drivers for this MB returns "Page Not Found"--tried in three different browsers.  Can't get to any support options (javascript links don't work).


                    Pathetic.  Never buying Intel again.  QA is non-existent now.  Intel obviously doesn't care.

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                      I just checked and the download center worked for me. But there was no newer drivers or bios.


                      Anyway, I got fed up with Windows 8 and the problems, so I installed Windows 7 and guess what? It doesn't work either, the NIC still fails randomly, so I guess it is hardware issue of some kind. I guess I'll replace my ethernet switch and see if it has any effect. Though the same switch worked perfectly with my former EXPI9301CTBLK NIC, so I'm not exactly keeping my hopes up. According to http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/network-adapters/gigabit-network-adapters/gigabit-ct-desktop-adapter.html the NIC has the same 82574L chip.


                      I guess I'm a bit disappointed too. Besides the NIC issue, I'm suffering from the widely reported PCI-e 1x DVB TV card not working issue. Also, I couldn't install the front-panel USB3 connectors, because the cord is pathetically short and the MB headers are located at the bottom of the motherboard. The cord just isn't long enough to reach to the 3,5" bay. I have a Antec Sonata 2 case which has standard location for the 3,5" bays.

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                        I have the EXPI9301CTBLK and it works perfectly.  I decided to try one more thing, which is to use the Intel(R) Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter driver for the MB NIC.  If it's a driver issue that might work.  However I won't know for another few days because it can take up to a week to fail.


                        The Download Center was working again a few hours after I posted.  I still can't get the support links to contact Intel to work.

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                          You said that you can't get the support links to work. Can you tell me where you are encountering the broken link. I would like to get the links fixed. The "Contact Us" link for desktop boards is http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=desktop#desktop.

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                            The links have now changed.  It appears that Intel puts up "after hours" links that completely fail to do anything (on any browser).  So you should try it again this evening.


                            I used the support links there now, which of course put me in contact with a first level support person who couldn't even understand what I meant when I said that a replacement motherboard did not fix the problem (he then said I should replace the integrated network ports, lol).  Basically it was a totally fruitless conversation, which is more or less what first level support at Intel seems intended to do:  block customers from taking up the time of Intel employees.


                            I don't know if this is just an issue with 64 bit drivers, but I do know the problem appears for all three dz77ga motherboards I've tried it on, all with the lastest BIOS and drivers and running currently supported versions of Windows.  This website and Intel support have not been productive in finding a solution.

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                              Does the same on my 82574L from a DLZ77RE-75k.  No response or anything from Intel, what a joke?!?


                              I uninstalled all of intels networking stuff and will just try the windows driver for the 82574L.  I'll know tomorrow if it works as it always quits within a day or so!

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                                so far (fingers crossed) it has not locked up since I switched it to the CT desktop adapter driver (same chipset as the MB adapter)...it has been six days since last reboot, still tracking it...

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                                  I had to resort to switching the network cables between the ports... my Internet is now connected to 82579V adapter and my private network to the 82574L. At least this way I don't have to reboot immediately and can access the computer remotely. I guess I will have to try the Windows driver or the CT driver too to see if it has any effect.

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                                    The native windows drivers have fixed my issue.  I just uninstalled all intel networking stuff (crap), and windows is using the driver from Microsoft, dated 4/6/2009.  No dropped connections and it's been a few days!

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