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    (!) Intel G41 Express Chipset (Code 43)

    Justin Fabian



      In device manager, Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset has stopped due to Code 43.

      I've already downloaded, the latest updates using Intel Driver Update Utility but still has Code 43.

      I tried uninstalling the driver and rebooted but the installation was not successful. Thus still Code 43.

      What is Code 43 anyway? Have searched on google and doesn't seem to have any other posts regarding this. (On the first page at least)


      Also, my PC always goes into BSOD's or bug checks plus almost all applications/softwares and even browsers crash often. I've been experiencing it for a month.. it seems that the stopped Intel G41 Express Chipset is the reason for these BSOD's or so I just think, because when troubleshooting, it says that this problem(Code 43) "may cause crashes, freezes.."


      Just a while ago, I reformatted again and so far I haven't gotten any BSOD's. But the Intel G41 Express Chipset is still on Code 43.


      Please. Help. Enlighten me. Thanks!


      PS If anyone needs info like .dmp files or my System Info, I'll upload if needed.. though I have no more logs of minidumps..