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    DH77DF: Bios 100 = two unrecognized USB devices


      I just upgraded my DH77DF bios to version 100, in hopers that the PCIe slot would then recognize my TV tuner card.


      But before I plugged in the card, I noticed that boot takes many seconds longer, and that I now have two unrecognized USB devices showing in Win 7 device manager (all was OK before the BIOS update from version 95)


      The device manager shows, for these two unrecognized USB devices, "This device is disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29)" for Standard USB Host Controllers Port 2 Hub 2, and Port 2 Hub 2.


      Any ideas?

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          Hello deaneg,

          I understand that after you updated the BIOS to version 100 you now have 2 unrecognized USB devices.

          In regards to the problem that you are experiencing, I recommend you to first try uninstalling them in Device Manager, install the latest chipset driver and the Intel(R) USB 3.0 driver.

          If problem continues, make sure that the devices connected to the motherboard are not causing this, you can remove all of the USB devices including keyboard and mouse when you have the Device Manager window open, it should refresh automatically.



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            Thanks, uninstalling and reinstalling the USB3 driver fixed it! I already had the latest chipset driver installed.