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    Intel DQ965GF sound issues


      Intel DQ965GF sound issues. Recently I have noticed that the sound from my computer has been muffled, indistinct and overlaid by a staticy "white noise". For instance when I start Media Centre the start up sound is not clear, is accompanied by a hissing, sound like an untuned radio and recorded programs or live TV is unwatchable due to the poor quality of sund. I have tried removing the drivers, updating them to the newest verisons and removing the Sonic software, but this does not help. I did disable the on board sound in the BIOS and try an old soundblaster card and that worked fine, so I know it is not the speakers or the cables. I also have a spare 1Tb disc with Windows 7 on it, with no third party drivers, and this does the same. Is it likely that the on board sound is now an ex-parrot?