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    DH61BE problem with Texas Instruments IEEE1394 OHCI card

    Rob Jansen

      We currently see problems when an IEEE1394 card from Texas instruments is used on a DH61BE board.




      • DH61BEB3 mother board
      • i3-2120 processor
      • 4 GB memory
      • Win7-64bits
      • TI IEEE1394b card with XIO2213A OHCI controller
      • LaCie d2 Quadra v2 IEEE1394b hard disk



      PCI-e communication problems result in a system hang or (in rare occasions) a blue screen.

      This happens always when data is copied to/from the hard disk, sometimes after reading/writing a few MB, sometimes after a few GB.


      Tracing with a PCIe analyzer shows a lot of errors on the physical PCIe link. Other cards show similar problems.

      The problem stays the same, independent of the PCIe slot used (either one of the x1 or the x16 slot show the same problems).


      What could the cause of this problem be? and how can this be solved?

      I have already tried new device drivers and a bios update but the problem still exists .