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    Problems with ICH8R DO/DH Controller




           Over the weekend I had a drive fail in a RAID 5 array set up with three 750GB Seagate Barracuda NS 7200RPM Drives. The array was marked as degraded. After replacing the failed drive with a new Constellation NS 1TB 7200 RPM drive, the array began to rebuild itself. I had no choice but to use the Constellation drive as the 750GB models have been discontinued and I cannot seem to find any to buy. I tried my hardest to match the original specs of 7200RPM, although the write  cache is 64MB as opposed to 16MB on the Barracudas. According to the Intel documentation for the controller as long as you replace it with a drive of equal or greater size there shouldn't be an issue.


           Last night I checked it around 10:00 PM and it was about 85% done, which was great. This morning when I checked the array, however, it was still marked as degraded, and now it's telling me that it's degraded because of a missing drive. I open up the Matrix Storage Console (6.0), and all three drives are there and attached to the only Volume (0). When I reboot and go into the controller BIOS, it lists all three disks as Member(0), but the array is still marked degraded.


            Anyone have any ideas? ... I'm kind of at a loss here. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.