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    5100 AGN hardly  ever connecting to router


      I have problem with connection to my router. I have Linksys WRT54GL, it has newest tomato firmware. I tried  nearly everything. Updating router firmware, wi-fi card drivers.  Other devices can access my wi-fi network without any problem (Smartphone, Kindle, notebook). Even my laptop under Linux has no problem with connection. But under Windows 7(64bit) I need to try many times (sometimes 10 or 20)  before my laptop  will get connected. On newest drivers from Intel it was not possible to connect at all. The wi-fi channel is no used by anyone else. I checked it.

      But the problem started some time ago. Before that, on the same configuration, everything was ok.


      I also tried to change wireless card configuration- mobility(to minimum), tx power (higest), etc mode (now is g)

      I'm using WPA 2 AES encryption.


      Does anybody have any idea ?

      Now the only thing I'm having in my mind is problem with driver but I've tried the newest one.