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    Can I move a RAID5 drive from one port to another?


      Hi everyone,


      I have had some recent problems with port 1 in a RAID5 made of 3X1Tb seagates placed on Port 0 to 2. It is connected to an on board controller. Although the console reports the disk as being faulty, this the 2nd on the same port in a short while. Before and for 18 months the system was working flawlessly! So I was thinking of moving the HD to another port to see if it solves the problems. so I have several questions that no forums seemed to have answered:


      1. Do I have to keep the HD's in the same order in the new ports (e.g. port 0->0, port 1->2 and 2->3)?
      2. Or else can I simply move port 1 to port 3 (thus making HDD1 -> HDD2 in the array)?
      3. Would the safest be to move all from port 0-2 to Port 3-5, keeping the same order?


      Thank you for your advice. I do not want to kill all my data (even the best back-up never restores it all).