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    Disable QST on DG965WH Motherboard


      I have a model DG965WH motherboard with the latest BIOS update.  I'm not particularly thrilled with the fan controls.  How can I disable QST so the processor fan just runs at full speed.  I'm not worried about noise since it is very quite even running at full fan speed (approx. 2800 rpm).  Generally, the dual core processor sits at about 66c with the fan running very low about 500-800 rpm.  Put the processor under a load and of course the fan speed goes up, controlled by QST, and the temperature drops.  A stress test with fan running at full speed controlled by QST brings the temperature down to >60c.  Returning to a normal state brings the temperature back to 66c and low processor fan rpm. I really don't see the need  QST in my situation but could be wrong about that.


      The only BIOS fan controls I have are DPZ: Aggressive, Normal, Slow.  Damping: High, Normal.


      Any instructions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


      BIOS Version: MQ96510J.86A.1754.2008.1117.0002


      Related BIOS related stuff installed:


      • November 17, 2008
      • MQ96510J.86A.1754.2008.1117.0002
      • VBIOS info: Build Number: 1653 PC 14.34 06/08/2008 20:33:38.
      • SATA RAID info: Intel(R) RAID for SATA - v6.1.0.1002
      • SATA AHCI info: Version UPSD src 08-24-2007
      • PXE Nahum info: Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.24
      • ME firmware build: production signed.

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          Intel(R) QST is designed to minimize overall system acoustics and psycho-acoustics, while still maintaining thermals below reliability limits. If QST is slowing the fans, then there is no need for the additional cooling that the fans could provide. If temperatures reach levels that require additional cooling, QST will speed the fans at that time. Slowing the fans saves power. There is no performance or reliability penalty slowing the fans. I simply cannot fathom why anyone would want their fans to be running at full speed all the time. To each his own, I guess. QST can be disabled from MEBX. There are a couple of threads that explain how to do this. Understand that, if you disable QST, you lose your monitoring capability as well; heaalth monitoring and fan speed control are all implemented within QST. While some temperatures may be monitorable from software, many cannot be seen without QST as they are in devices on auxiliary busses...

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            I would keep my fans running at 100% simply to keep the unecessary higher CPU temperature down. Why would you allow more heat to build up rather than use the already equipped fan at a more efficient speed?