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    Dell XPS 15z and Intel's DPST


      Hi, I just purchased a Dell xps 15z, fresh copy of Windows 7 premium, no problems with the actual device to speak of, save for the preloaded Intel Graphics and Media control panel.  Namely, I've been getting super frustrated by the "Display Power Saving Technology" feature, as it dims the screen automagically when switching betwixt screens, programs, tabs in my browser.  Now, I did a bit of research into how you're supposed to be able to disable the feature (in the aforementioned Intel control panel), and I attempted to switch it off.  My main problem lies in the fact that when I click on the "Power" tab (while under Advanced mode, or Basic, it matters not), I can't access the toggle for the feature, neither "Plugged In" or "On Battery" reveals it.


      I can understand the purpose behind the feature, but it functions while I'm plugged in as well as not, and while I'm plugged in I'd really like to just view everything at max brightness (or whatever setting I wish), and this setting being the default has been severely frustrating.  That and it gives me a little headache :/


      If anyone can help, that would be tops. And don't hesitate to ask for more information if you need it.