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    VPRO Newbie Must Be Missing Something in SOL

      We just installed 30 PCs built to order with Intel DQ67SW motherboards and I3-2100T CPUs.


      I am new to configuring Vpro.  After reading the install guides, I installed Intel Setup and Configuration Console.  I configured a profile and exported the XML file.  I created a start up script to run the necessary configurations.  All the PCs are now showing "Configured" in Intel Management and Security Status.  Also, I can connect to them using Intel System Defense Utility. 


      The one thing I cannot do (which is the most important), is Serial Over LAN.  I receive this error every time I start the Manageability Terminal from inside ISDU.




      I tripled checked my settings and I am allowing SOL and Remote KVM.  Can any experts out there point me in the right direction?

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          SOL can be disabled at several points:

          1. BIOS build disallows feature entirely.

          2. BIOS build allows feature but defaults it to disabled.

          3. Provisioning profile disables the feature.


          I think you may have hit #2. To look at this, restart a client and access MEBX. Within the MEBX menus you can see if SOL is enabled.  If SOL is disabled in this menu, it over-rides if SOL is enabled in the provisioning profile.


          To investigate other causes, please tell us:

          1. If you are using TLS or non-TLS mode.

          2. What software you are using to attempt the SOL session.

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            Joseph Oster

            Basically the issue is the port isn’t open by default when using SCS for provisioning. Depending on the tool used for manageability, the tool will either expect it to be in a specific enabled/disabled configuration or will open and close the port at need, this port is not controlled by the configuration xml.


            In the case of ISDU, the port is expected to be enabled, so it fails and there is no provision within ISDU to enable the redirection port.


            The port can be enabled from within AMT commander, and then you can perform what you need to do thru ISDU. However the best fix is using a power shell script to change the machines in your environment.


            We can provide the script, but I will need to know if you are provisioning is host or admin control mode?



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              @Kyle, I checked the BIOS and it is enabled.  We are using a non-TLS session.  We are using ISDU to attempt the SOL session.


              @Joe Oster, Yes I would like the script!  Also, I am going to try AMT commander as well.  We are using a Host Based Configuration


              Thanks for everyone's help on this!

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                I enabled the redirection port in Management Commander on one PC.  I don't get the above error and AOL says its connected, but there is nothing within the SOL screen.   Thoughts on this?

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                  Joseph Oster

                  Basically there are several ways you can do this.

                  1. Manually thru PowerShell locally or Remotely
                  2. Run a script against each of the clients from a PowerShell on a remote computer
                  3. Add it as a script to run during provisioning.

                  So to enable the “Redirection Port”, you will need to use PowerShell with the Intel vPro module added. If you are not familiar with this tool, don’t worry its easy.

                  The steps that I use when using PowerShell are as follows:

                  import-module Intelvpro

                  new-psdrive -name AMT -psprovider amtsystem -root "\" -ComputerName "AMTCOMPUTER.Domain.com" –credential $amtcred

                  CD AMT:

                  Set-item AMT:\Config\Redirection\listenerenabled -value "True"

                  You should be able to figure out how to write a script from the above


                  Note: if you are going to run this locally on the client substitute "AMTCOMPUTER.Domain.com" for “local host

                  The Intel vpro module can be downloaded online at: http://prosupport.intel.com/proptech/propweb.cfm

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                    Joseph Oster

                    As for getting just a blank window with SOL, that is typical when the client is shut down or in the OS.


                    SOL is based on telnet so it doesn't like most screen resolutions, so just stays blank when it connects and disconnects. The SOL window thus is limited to interaction during booting, BIOS or booting to a command line utilities.


                    Let me know if you never get any visuals after connection and then performing a boot to BIOS.