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    Turbo Boost Problem in i7-2670QM

    Suvadeep Paul


      I am new in this community.

      I have purchased a laptop from HP (Model Number: DV6-6165TX).

      However, I am a little confused with the speed of the processor.

      Theoretically, the static clock speed is 2.20 GHZ and with turbo boost it should reach 3.10 GHz...

      Now I have installed INTEL EXTREME TUNING UTILITY and performed a CPU stress test and saw that the speed won't go above 2.20 GHz..when the processor usage is 100% & all the 4 cores are active..

      Why is this so? I did this test because one of my game was running slow..

      Therefore, please let me know what is the problem and how can I rectify it..

      I have uploaded an image during testing or the convenience..


      Thanks and Regards

      Suvadeep Paul.


      CPU Stress Test.jpg

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          Please make sure that the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology is disabled in the BIOS of your motherboard, doing this will allow the processor to use the turbo boost more often.

          However, keep in mind that the usage of the turbo boost is determined by the operating system and the running applications, not by the processor itself.


          I would also suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your laptop system.

          If you believe there is something working with your processor, you can run the Intel processor diagnostic tool located at:


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            Suvadeep Paul

            Hi Adolfo,

            Thanks for the response...

            I already have the latest bios installed..However, I couldn't find this Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology in the BIOS setup..can you tell me how to find this option?

            Also I have installed and run the processor diagnostic tool and the report came clean...


            Thanks and Regards

            Suvadeep Paul

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              Usually the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology is called “EIST” on the BIOS of the motherboard, but in this case you have a laptop system, so I would suggest contacting the laptop manufacturer so they can tell you how to find the correct option.

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                Hi Adolfo,

                I have some similar problem with this cpu (with turbo boost I meant), on a laptop Dell Inspiron N7110, i7-2670QM, 500GB( swapped with 2400gb Corsair Force 3 ssd now), 8GB ram, GT525-2GB, bios A13(latest and with minor settings posibility).

                Problem are several actually;

                1-after restart TB it'll reopen automaticaly, but not wrking, the bar doesn't exist, is just dead. For a restart actually I have to shut it down (pc) and start it after, then it'll work.

                2-it's working for just a short amount of time, like 10-15 min and stop. Still open, but stoped.

                3-the max freq is 2.3 and I know it supposed to go up to 3.1. At the begining, in first months it did that, but not anymore. Now is just 2.3 max.

                Now, I tried your TB software, the Dell one ( they use an old version like 2.0, or 2.1 of the TB and probably modified), the yours first one, the gadget. Now recent after I sow in here the EIST setting (dis-en), also clean Windows install, not because of this, but I think is the 4th or 5th one installed now in almost 3 years and combined all this in many ways, but still not able to make it work. Also in services/turboboost/properties, is set with auto start, but I tried the other way too and still dead. The Intel Processor Diagnostic tool is saying that freq is 2.2 and is not seeing the turbo boost, but passed the test. Intel Processor ID Utility also not seeing the turbo boost, or if is capable more than 2.2 freq. Oh one more, before, withhdd was the same thing.

                Any idea on what seem to be the reason of this malfunction?

                Other than this the cpu is running pretty well. Now with ssd Windows has gave it a 7.4 subscore, but if I rerun the assessment without the turboboost, it'll be like 5.? subscore. I use a coolpad so its never up than 65 deg C.

                Anyway, can you help me with this one, please?

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                  Please note that Intel® Turbo boost is engaged automatically depending on processor’s load, voltage, power and temperature. Therefore, at a particular moment the processor may reach 3.1 Ghz depending on those variables. Something very important is that 1 out of the 4 cores will be capable to reach that speed. Usually this feature comes enabled in BIOS by default.


                  Since you have a branded laptop, I recommend you to contact them in order to verify if Intel Turbo Boost Technology is or not enable.


                  This feature comes enable by default in our motherboards, but in your case, it may be disable by your computer manufacture.

                  You can also try installing the Processor Diagnostics Tool. This tool will verify the functionality of your processor. This diagnostic checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features and performs a stress test on the processor.  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=Processor%20Diagnostics%20Tool

                  There is a  third party software that you may also want to try named CPU-Z.


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                    Thanks Sylvia.