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    SOLVED Intel D2500CC Motherboard fedora 17 live installed

    Sherman Owen

        I searched for this solution for a long time and I thought I would share it.
      I have not had good luck with the Intel Atom Motherboards using a single vga display. Because of this I have been stuck on Fedora 14 i686 because of video problems. I use ELO 1280x1024 touchscreens for my embedded systems.

      Let me explain the issue. The G3650 chipset has 4 displays and all of them are found when starting fedora 17 live and the LVDS-1 is detected as connected even if the bios says it is disabled. So here is the 4 steps for getting the install to work.
      1. hit TAB and edit the startup command on the live iso and add:
      video=LVDS-1:d video=DVI-D-1:d video=DVI-D-2:d
      Complete the setup.
      2. On the reboot, type e and edit the linux command adding the same paramaters.
      3. After the boot install grub2-tools.
      4. edit /etc/default/grub and add the parameters to the linux parameters and run grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/crub.cfg
      This should solve the problems of running fedora 15 /16 /17 any live installer.
      This will probably work with D525MW D2700MUD and most of the others.
      I hope this helps someone.