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    Intel HD graphics update caused problems


      I re-downloaded secondlife and it had a link on it for intel to where I could check and see if a graphics card update was available. It ran a program via intel's website and said I had an update for my graphics card. I have Intel HD graphics on my computer. I ran the install for the graphics card, and restarted my PC like it said to but when I turned my computer back on and started to try and play a game that I have on my computer (Tera, which runs on high graphics usually). I can't even play it anymore. I can't play any of my games. It appears like it's doing a skip frame every few seconds, or it just freezes and it's not running NEARLY close to the capabilities that it was before I installed the graphics update. I could play games perfectly fine, I had no complaints what so ever, and now I can't play them at all without being frustrated at how the game is running. Is there a fix for this problem? will there be a patch release to fix the errors? because surely I can't be the only person having this problem.Untitled.png