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    CIR very short range DH77DF Windows 8


      I installed an Intel CIR receiver from Inteset System on DH77DF. OS is Windows 8.  BIOS and all drivers are the latest.  The issue is that the range is  extremely short (<0.15m).  This was tested without anything between the receiver and the remote. On the other hand, The control range when the system is off is normal, so I can use my remote to power on the computer from far away.


      There is another same incident on Inteset System's forum (CIR very short range).  In that case, the unit was replaced without solving the issue.  So it looks like a compatibility issue.  My guess is the receiver has been put in learn mode all the time after OS is loaded or the system is up, in which the sensitivy may be reduced greatly to avoid interference.


      Does anyone experience the same issue?  Any fix yet?  Thanks.

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          I am having issues with my DH77DF CIR too.


          My issue is that I can use the CIR during normal operation, but I cannot wake the system using CIR. I will try it at 15cm or less to see if that makes a difference.


          May I ask you a favour? I want to determine if there may have been a hardware change between our boards, possibly affecting the CIR behaviour. Could you please provide me with your AA number on the board? I do not have my board with me, but will post my AA number as soon as I get home. If it is different, I think I am going to make a warranty claim.


          The AA number can be found using this method:




          Thank you for your assistance. I will post if I find something related to your short range problem. I am searching high and low for DH77DF and CIR discussions.





          UPDATE: My AA number is 300. Message was edited by: Deon Korb

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            Mine is 300 too.  Is your cir from Interset System as well?  Could you check your configuration as


            Windows 8

            Bios version: 100

            CIR driver version: 2.3.2012.710 (based on the release note, this is the first version with Windows 8 driver added)


            By the way, did you use PowerToggle to power on the pc?



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              So mine could be a manufacturing defect on the board, rather than an inherent design problem.


              I am using a home made IR receiver. I know it work as it functions perfectly once the PC is on and it works flawlessly (including power on from S5 off state) on my other Intel board.


              I am using XBMCbuntu, a version of Linux, so I can't advise you on the driver side.


              My BIOS makes no difference between versions 69, 95 and 100.


              I use the PowerToggle to power off the system and it powers on my other board. What do you use for the power function?


              Maybe you can give this a shot:


              1. Load defaults in your BIOS.
              2. This should disable the CIR.
              3. Save the changes and let the OS boot.
              4. Boot back into the BIOS and re-enable the CIR.
              5. Now everything should be initialised.


              It made now difference for me, but it might just reset a bad selection (e.g. learn mode) on your end.


              I think I'm heading for a warranty claim.




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                I talked to support agent.  The agent said the cir driver for win 8 for maybe 7 series board is not fully ready yet, even though the v2.3 is released.  They are still doing the testing.  So I will just wait to see if the next release solves the very short range issue.  And this issue should be specific on win 8.


                I also use powertoggle to turn on the pc.  For your home made cir, probably the powertoggle command is not programmed in.  I am not sure about this cir header type of ir receiver, but in the cases of USB-UIRT and usb type of MCE ir receiver, the power-on ir command is programmed in the ir receiver itself.  Probably you could check if that applies to your case.


                Edit: I forgot you said the unit worked in other intel boards.  You could check if 5V standby at the ir receiver is normal when the system is off.  Also check if you have deep S4/S5 enabled in bios.  If it is enabled, wake from s4/s5 that requires LAN or CIR won't work.