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    Intel DH61AG BSOD



      My Config:

      DH61AG + G620T

      Windows 7 Pro 64

      4GB Ram

      2TB HDD Seagate


      Latest Bios, drivers and all software updates for Windows.

      I also check Memory with Memtest and it's ok.


      I got bsod always when I try sleep computer.


      Minidump shows this:

      091712-16629-01.dmp | 2012-09-17 11:41:55 | SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED | 0x1000007e | ffffffff`c0000005 | 00000000`0000003f | fffff880`009e8e88 | fffff880`009e86e0 | igdkmd64.sys | igdkmd64.sys+228a5f | x64 |C:\Users\DI1\091712-16629-01.dmp | 2 | 15 | 7601 | 279 728 |



      Dump File, Crash Time, Bug Chceck String. Bug Check Code, Param 1, Param 2, Param 3, Param 4, Casued by driver, Casued by address, Processor, Full Path, Processor Count, Major Version, Minor Version, Dump File Size

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          Hello ghostek,

          I understand that you are receiving a Blue Screen Of Death when your computer goes to sleep.

          In regards to your inquire, this error code is usually related but not limited to the graphics driver.

          I recommend you to uninstall your current video driver and update the driver to the latest available on the downloadcenter.intel.com web site.



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            I have installed the latest drivers. BSOD relates to graphics drivers, because when I installed the older drivers everything is fine.