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    Why are my 330 Series 240 GB SSD benchmarks so low?


      MacMini i5 2.5Ghz

      16 GB Ram

      Windows 7 Ultimate (Using Bootcamp)

      330 240 GB SSD

      Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox 3.0.3

      Mac OS X 10.7.4




      - Bootcamp doesn't natively support AHCI so using IDE mode.

      - The Toolbox lists this drive model as "Unknown"

      - Fresh Install of all Operating Systems


      I setup various tests using IO meter, XBENCH, and Crystal Disk Mark and do not get anywhere close to the specs listed by Intel. For IO meter, I performed three tests using 1GB, 8GB, and 24GB test files with Queue Depths of 32. I used the same benchmark parameters as listed in the specs: 4KB Sequential Reads/Writes.


      Below are screenshots of the results of the tests that I performed. I am assuming that the IDE mode is one issue however, if that were the case, it seems that I should have gotten outstanding results with XBENCH on the Mac OS X partition.


      1GB Sequential Read: 20,685 IO and 80.80 MB/s


      1GB Sequential Write: 29,686 IO and 116 MB/s


      8GB Sequential Read: 18,929 IO and 74 MB/s



      8GB Sequential Write: 29,644 IO and 116 MB/s


      24GB Sequential Read: 14,464 IO and 57 MB/s



      24GB Sequential Write: 29,688 IO and 116 MB/s


      XBENCH Result in Mac OS X 10.7.4: Sequential READ = 32 MB/s and Sequential WRITE = 297 MB/s


      Crystal Disk Mark in Win 7 Partition


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          AHCI mode makes a huge difference, you're fortunate to get what you have now without it. The 4K scores are very dependent on AHCI mode, particularly in benchmarks. I don't understand why one benchmark would be better in IDE mode.


          It looks like you are barely in SATA III performance territory, if at all. Does that PC support SATA III?

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            parsec - thanks for your reply.


            Yes, it is unfortunate - I guess I should have done my homework a bit more. The 2011 MacMini does support SATA III but mine shipped with a SATA II 5400 Drive.


            Even in IDE mode, the performance is without a doubt much better but I had hoped to run VMware Workstation on the Windows side with a VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance) and nested ESXi's for testing and studying.


            I'll test around on the Mac OS X side and see if I can my hands on a more reliable disk bench marking tool and post my results.