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    Intel HD 2000 graphics Issue with Netflix


      I am currently experiencing issues while trying to watch Netflix on my PC. The PC is running a G530 processor, utilizing the integrated graphics, an ASRock H61M/ITX motherboard, 4GBs of Hyperblu RAM, and a 160GB Seagate HDD.  I use it for home theater purposes only and while it handles all my streamed network content perfectly in HD, anything I watch on Netflix shows constant horizontal line flicker distortions that are commonly in the middle of the screen, but occur higher and lower in variation.  It is to the point where watching things on Netflix is virtually pointless.  I have also noticed some slight degree of this happening on Hulu.com.  It doesn't appear to be a result of my internet connection, all my drivers are updated, and it has only started to happen within the past 2 weeks or so (I've had the PC built for 1-2 months).


      Any help you all could provide is greatly appreciated.Fl