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    DQ77CP attempt to start failure (via AMT/Web interface)


      Hi all


      at first, I would like to describe my setup (or what is connected altogether):

      Board: Intel DQ77CP, Bios version MKQ7710H.86A.0050.2012.0830.1022, AMT firmware version 8.0.13-build 1502

      CPU: Core i5 3570

      2x Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3

      PSU: Seasonic 400W


      AMT is configured to have fixed IP address, no firewall between test PC and laptop (only one switch), ping works flawlessly, AMT web interface works too, connection via Intel AMT Commander works too pretty fine. AMT is ON in S0, ME Wake in S3, S4-5.


      Problem description / how to simulate:

      1, Plug in power cord to PSU and turn it on - after short time (2-3sec.) on-board blue LED come up steady (no blinking) and AMT Web interface is accessible.

      2, Login to AMT web interface

      3, Click "Remote Control", then leave preselected "Turn power on" + "Normal boot" options, and click "Send command" button.

        3.1, while counting down from 20s to 0, somewhere around 10 seconds left blue onboard LED shuts down for circa 5 seconds and lights up again (steady)

      4, Nothing happens! Wow... unbelievable .

      5, tryied also to power machine on via AMT Commander, but nothing happened again.


      6, powered machine up by power-button on computer case, OS started (CentOS 6), then powered down - and surprise - I can wake up now via web interface/AMT commander.

      7, only difference I can see when in shut-down state (and one OS bootup) is that blue LED is now blinking and AMT is working properly


      IMPORTANT: I`ve tested with the same PSU/Case but on Intel DQ67SW and i5 2400, and after power failure I can wake up my PC without any problem.


      Any help will be appreciated (Intel please assist - this is really serious bug in ME firmware)...