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    NO Display D865PERL Mobo


      MY PC was hanging up during the boot process. (It had been previously getting stuck after 1 minute after booting). I tried replacing the CMOS battery. No

      improvenemt. After this, the PC will not display anything on the monitor. So, I followed the advice of the online troubleshooting and performed a BIOS recovery. I did this via a diskette, and the diskette would  stop spinning (green light on).


      Did I do any harm by recovering the bios? I had pulled the jumper which was connected to pins 1-2, as instructed. Now what????


      I'm running Windows XP. I checked the memory (Kingston) in another PC with the same MoBo. This PC has been running for 5 years with no problem.


      Heat issue?

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          One thing you might want to check is to physically examine the board for burst capacitors. I used to own the D865PERL. There were two capacitors located on opposite sides and between the memory sockets. These are the ones that burst. Bad electrolytics can cause all sorts of odd behavior and intel used a bad batch of them as did many companies back when the board was manufactured which I believe was 2004.


          If the board looks ok replace the jumper on pics 1-2 and try entering the BIOS when you first turn on, you might have to reset everything to your particular hardware configuration.


          If the board does have swollen on top caps replace the board, it just won't be stable and give you lots of problems.

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            Brad: Thank you for the reply. I'd like to use the board again, so that I can re-use the memory, HDD, etc.


            Indeed, there is a fellow selling a board like this one, and he advertises his as having "good caps". So I guess it's not my processor.


            I did try manually entering bios. Keyboard and mice are "ignored" by the board. The red light on my optical mouse  doesn't even come on...