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    choosing between i5 3570 and 3570k



      I'm going to assemble a new desktop PC (in my old one MB died).

      I'll buy a AsRock Z77 Extreme4 as MB, 2x8 Gb DDR3 RAM G-Skill CL10 1866 (found an excellent price), and a i5 3570 or 3570K as CPU.

      I don't look about overclocking, so the real difference is the video: HD 2500 for 3570 and HD 4000 for 3570K.

      PC will be used for video editing (now I use Premiere CS5),  not for gaming.

      I'll take video card from the old PC, a Geforce 8500 GT 500 Mb.

      What's the best config :

      i5 3570K without graphic card

      i5 3570 with graphic card

      Using graphic card, are there difference between 3570 and 3570K (no overclocking)?


      Thanks for your time