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    DH77EB - USB Ports Powered in Off/S5 State


      I am looking at using a DH77EB board for an HTPC build but I need power to a USB port when in the S5 state so that the IR remote can switch the PC on.


      I have checked the documentation for the board which indicates that "wake from USB" is only available in S3 and not S5 which leads me to believe that it may not be possible to power the USB ports when in S5 state. However, the BIOS glossary mentions a "Deep S4/S5" setting which, if disabled, keeps the USB ports powered when in S5.


      Does anybody know whether this "Deep S4/S5" BIOS setting is available on the DH77EB board and whether this will power the USB ports in the S5/G2 state.


      If this option is available, are all the USB ports powered or just some of them (I really would like on of the internal USB ports to be powered in S5)?