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    i5 3317U


      Could I get some info on issue with i5-3317U Turbo Boost function in Samsung 530U3C, I read in test that during load Turbo Boost is not working. Have anything changed with this problem?

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          We currently do not have any reported issue with this particular processor as the one that you mention.

          I would suggest running the Intel® Processor Identification Utility to determine if the processor is being properly recognized by the system.

          You can download the Intel® Processor Identification Utility at:



          Also I would recommend installing the latest BIOS version for your laptop system, and if you find an issue, please proceed to contact the laptop manufacturer so they can assist you.

          Keep in mind that the support for laptop processors is to be provided by the laptop manufacturer since those processors are designed according to the laptop manufacturer specification and requirements.

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            Hello, today purchased the same Samsung with i5-3317u, and there is no turbo boost tehnology.

            With the Intel® Processor Identification Utility my Processor speed is reported 0.79Ghz and expected is 1.7Ghz.

            This is wery disapointing.

            Thank you.

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              The same notebook and problem:  Intel® Processor Identification Utility my Processor speed is reported 0.79Ghz and expected is 1.7Ghz.. Please, clarify the situation: WHY and HOW TO FIX?

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                There are several things that can cause the CPU speed to be as low as you all are seeing. None of them are caused by a defective or broken processor.


                When you run the Intel® Processor Identification Utility, is the notebook running with battery power only, or with the charger plugged in to the PC? If you are using battery power only, the PC has been configured by Samsung to run the CPU at a lower speed to save power. That is very commonly done on laptop and notebook PCs.

                If you have Windows on the PC, open Power Options in Control Panel. You will then see which power plan you are using. Try changing to the High performance plan and run the Processor ID program again. You can also click on Change plan settings, and then Change advanced settings. Find Processor power management, and check the Maximum processor state setting. If it is less than 100%, that is why your speed is low.

                Also, connect the battery charger/power supply to the PC, and run the program again.

                Turbo Boost technology is an option your CPU has: http://ark.intel.com/products/65707/Intel-Core-i5-3317U-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_60-GHz

                In Desktop PCs, Turbo Boost can be Enabled or Disabled in the BIOS of the PC. Check the BIOS of your PC and find the Turbo Boost option, it may be disabled.

                It is possible that Samsung did not put this option in the BIOS for the user to change, and has set Turbo Boost to Disabled. That is done to save power on notebook PCs, and to help it run cooler. Intel cannot control what Samsung or any manufacture does with the BIOS settings, or Enabling CPU features or not. You should ask Samsung why they have configured your PC this way.

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                  Thanks for the detailed answer!


                  I checked all the things again:

                  * I have power supply connected

                  * Power plan is set to maximum performance

                  * Minimum CPU speed in this plan is set to 100% (when on external power)


                  But all in vain - I have only 0.79 Ghz!

                  I have found no option about Boost in BIOS, seems you are right - Samsung disabled this feature and didn't add the BIOS menu option for it.

                  If you will have any additional info - it will be very helpful. Will try to contact the Samsung on this issue. Thanks again!

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                    Antony, so you did all the things you listed, and then ran the Processor Identification Utility, and it still reported 0.79GHz? I'm sure you did, that is to bad.

                    The i5-3317U, is a processor from Intel's Ultra segment, meaning Ultra low power usage. This CPU can also be configured into LPM (Low Power Mode), with a driver from Intel. The specified LPM speed of your processor is 800MHz, or 0.80GHz, which is what you are seeing. I cannot be 100% sure your processor is operating in LPM, since the clock speed of your processor can be set manually, for example, but it seems to be LPM.

                    Intel describes LPM as not a battery power saving feature, but as a means to adjust the processors performance to match a certain situation, and can be changed dynamically, when something special occurs. But, LPM can also be used for scalability, as Intel calls it, which is adjusting the processor to fit more than one usage situation, like a low power use, light weight ultra book, etc.

                    In your experience, the processor speed does not change when running under a higher load, so it seems to me it has been configured to operate in LPM, because the designers (Samsung) decided that is as fast as it needs to be for its intended use. They can then make the PC's case smaller, and use a smaller fan, so it is quieter.

                    Does the PC seem slow to you? Does it not perform well?

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                      Thanks for the additional info!


                      Yes, notebook seems really slow for me, cause I'm using my book not only for the Internet and movies, but also for 3D rendering and video convertation. It has 12 Gb of RAM onboard, so I really want to use both kernels in max mode.


                      It's sad, but seems you are right - it always stays under 0.8 Ghz whenether how high load is, it's likely the LPM mode is enabled. I don't know who and why enabled it, cause notebook is really quite and has maximum 65 graduces of Celsium under the 100% CPU usage (using only 0.8 Ghz, of course). Seems it was a cheap and "ellegant" way to create such a power consumption and cooling conditions.


                      Ok, but now, how can I disable the LPM? Or check its status? Or enable Turbo Boost? Is there any adjustment/diagnostic utility available?



                      p.s. Finally I found needed BIOS setting: "CPU power saving mode". I disabled it, but all in vain - I have only 0.8 Ghz.

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                        Yes! Finally I've got it! The problem was in the Samsung Settings utility (sSettings.exe) that is installed and run by default. On the common settings tab here is just one parameter about the cooling. If the quiet mode is enabled or automatic, then LPM is enabled and CPU frequency is throttled by the 0.8 Ghz. This setting overrides all the power settings in Windows and BIOS.

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