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    3770K downclockable to achieve 3770T TDP?


      Hello, since I'm planning on getting one of the 3770 processors, I've been wondering whether it's possible to downclock (and undervolt) 3770K to achieve similar max TDP 3770T has (i.e. 45W) - with similar performance, of course. I've googled for a bit and so far I have no 100% sure answer for that, people seem to believe that there isn't much difference between T and K variants (and that underclocking a K would give me exactly the same results as running stock T), others say that (mostly comparing Sandy Bridge and judging based on that) a downclocked K would still consume more power than stock T.


      If it's possible to tune K to be pretty much like T, I'll definitely get this one, even though it's slightly more expensive. That choice should prove more flexible in the future, should I ever decide to get those 200MHz (turbo) more and want to go back to the default clock settings. ;-)

      Thank you.

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          The Intel Core i7-3770K can be over-clocked up to 3.9 GHz speed, that is the turbo boost speed, but we do not recommend down-clocking the processor, specially not  in this case that has to be down-clocked to 2.5 GHz , since this is 1.0 GHz difference.

          The processor will end up running out of specifications, this will affect the system stability.

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            Hmm, thank you. I was pretty sure that downclocking was harmless (mostly because it, in fact, lowers the TDP and the CPU can't overheat, which is the main problem with overclocking, IIRC), but apparently I was wrong...


            But stability aside (;-)), if I actually downclocked 3770K to 2.5GHz, I'd also have to lower the voltage, as far as I know. Assuming it would work flawlessly at the same voltage settings as 3770T, would their TDP (or rather - power consumption) be equal, or not really? I'm afraid I don't know much about how these things work.

            Once downclocked, (assuming full load here) they would both automatically overclock to 3.7GHz (turbo) at similar voltage, unless the CPU internals are much different, right?


            For now I'm going with 3770T I guess, thank you. I'm still curious, though, whether (in theory) 3770K downclocked could be similar to 3770T TDP-wise (whether or not it'd be stable is, of course, a different story).

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                We do not know how specifically the processor will be behaving if it is down-clocked to a specific speed, since we only test our processors at the stock and turbo boost speed.

              So in this particular case the processor might or might not lower the TDP.

              It is better to run the processor at the speed it was design to be running.

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                Hmm... Since it appears nobody has that data, I'll close that question for now, especially that 3770T is on my desk already.


                Thank you, Adolfo_Intel.