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    Wireless connection problems, driver update and Intel My WiFi Technology vs Intel My WiFi Dashboard


      Okay, here's the story. I was browsing Intel>Support to look for things such as driver updates as I am experiencing some wireless connection issues.

      I have an ASUS N55SL with Intel Wireless-N 1030 adapter running Win7 64bit and on Virgin Media Broadband using the Hub as my modem/wireless router. When I am playing online games such as Maplestory, my wireless connection drops and I get disconnected from the game. The wireless icon in the task bar has a yellowish triangle with exclamation mark on it (meaning it has no internet connection). It's happen randomly and I do not know what's causing it. You may think it's the ISP that's causing the problem but I also have another laptop which I also use to play maplestory. This old laptop can play online games 24/7 without getting disconnected so it's not the ISP. Only the ASUS laptop has connection issues.


      So, as I have mentioned before, I was browsing Intel website thinking maybe I can find something that can fix the problem. Then I came upon the "Intel Driver Update Utility" which suggested that there's a driver update for my wireless adapter. So I downloaded it from here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=21560 I chose the Wireless_15.2.0_s64.exe. I then installed the driver and missed whether I have checked the Intel My WiFi Technology (Intel MWT). After the installation, I rebooted the laptop and found out that the "Intel My WiFi Technology" was no longer installed in my computer. So, I immediately reinstalled driver and made sure that I checked the Intel My WiFi technology. After installing, I rebooted the laptopn again but then it still not there, no My WiFi Technology installed.


      So I searched and searched regarding Intel My Wifi Technology being not installed or missing etc because I was worried that Intel WiDi will not work without Intel MWT. Somehow WiDi is still working. After searching, I found out that Intel MWT was replaced by Intel My WiFi Dashboard. So, I then installed the Intel MW Dashboard but I don't know whether it is as good as Intel MWT.


      So my questions are:

      1. What was the cause of the random lose of connection? (No internet access/disconnected from router)

      2. Am I wrong to search for driver(s) and install it?

      3. Since I have installed the new driver(s), I have lost Intel MWT. Can't I get it back?

      4. Intel WiDi is still working fine, will I get problems in the future if I don't have Intel MWT? I remember when I open WiDi app, it automatically enables Intel MWT so I can connect to the receiver.

      5. Is Intel MW Dashboard better than Intel MWT?


      I hope that you will answer my questions. Thank you very much!



      I have not yet tried to play online games as of this writing so I do not know whether updating the wireless driver fixed it or not. I will update this thread regarding my connection issues after I have tested playing with the new driver.


      Yes, i know it is very long to read. Please be patient and bear with me. Many thanks!

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          Thank you for your detailed post Alvin.

          Let me answer your questions in the same order:

          1: Random connectivity loss. This can be caused by power settings, make sure you have the system set to maximum performance, and in the advanced power settings make sure that the laptop won’t turn off WiFi or the PCIe port. Set the router also to “constantly awake mode” (CAM) if available. Also most new laptops include some kind of security of when the system is getting too hot, make sure that the laptop is on a hard surface and make sure that the vents are not covered. You may also check with the laptop manufacturer if they have any known issues in regards to your description

          2: driver updates: is usually the first troubleshooting done with any issues, so it is a good idea to update the drivers whenever an issue arises, you may need to update other drivers like the chipset drivers of the laptop. We do recommend using the latest tested ones from your laptop manufacturer since the ones they post, have been tested by them with your laptop set up.

          3: on 15.x the Intel® My WiFi Technology (MWT) utility has been replaced with the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard utility. If you prefer using the first one you would need to install driver version 14.3.

          4: The Intel® Wireless display will work still since MWT feature (not the utility) is included with the driver you installed

          5: The Intel® My WiFi Dashboard has several improvements, specifically in security, and the fact that it complies with the WiFi direct standard.

          I hope this information helps to clear up a couple of your questions.