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    Waking a DH77DF board with CIR




      I am having trouble waking my DH77DF board using CIR.


      I tested the remote and receiver combintation on my other system that contains a DP35DP board and the remote control is able to wake the system from S5 using the MCE Power Toggle command with no problems at all.


      On the DH77DF system, CIR functions completely except for the fact that the board does not wake. I have measured 5V on the CIR line. It just seems the power on command is ignored. I can use the power toggle command to shut the system down, so that command seems to be working.


      I have seen other mentions of this issue, but no solutions.


      Does anyone know what code the board expects to receive for a wake command? I can code that into the remote.


      If this is indeed a bug in the board that does not have a solution, I will have to return it as it is a critical function for an HTPC.


      Any help will be much appreciated.