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      I have two instances of the watchdog timer in my programs.I tried to uninstall one of them.The uninstall did not do anything and when I tried to remove another program said that the uninstall utility was running.How do I solve this Error that can be seen in the log file posted below.Please check the last line.


      The log for the Watchdog timer says the following:

      >>> 9/14/2012 09:23:27:750

      [Install Configuration]

        Installer Version:

        Compile date = Wed Nov  3 12:40:04 2010

        OS command line = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT)\Uninstall\setup.exe" -uninstall

        Effective command line = -uninstall

        Windows Version = Windows 7 SP1

        Platform = 64 bit

        Core Version = 3.0.1 (IIF2++)

        System up time = 1752 sec

        Source: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT)\Uninstall


        18EA48 - C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT)\Uninstall\Setup.exe

        User default LangID: 0x409

        User default UI language: 0x409

        Using setup.exe for strings


        Checking for admin rights

        Admin rights OK

        Showing uninstall wizard

      !   Dialog creation error 0x715. Resource file may be missing or corrupt

      !   Error 0x715 while creating uninstall progress dialog box


          I have the same problem. It may be caused because I have a 64bit OS and the Watchdog is then installed for x86 and x64 mode but the string is not updated.

          It is a little slopy but it doesn't seem to do any harm. The free tool CCleaner has an option to remove entries from "program and features" but I would just leave it as is.

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            I have the same problem on a Win7 Ultimate 64bit after installing Intel Extreme Tuning Utility - v3.2.0.24 & Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor v2.6.  The install process also installs 2 instances of the watchdog timer showing under 'Programmes & Features' - Intel Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel WDT).  I uninstalled both Intel progs but cannot uninstall Intel Watchdog Timer Driver - I try to uninstall the 1st WDT but it does not do anything then if I try the 2nd WDT I get a message box saying "Please wait until the current program is finished uninstalling or being changed".


            Anyone know how to uninstall this driver?????



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              With the free tool CCleaner it is possible to remove programs from the "installed programs" without actually uninstalling it. After this just remove the folder in c:\program files. You could use the free autoruns tool to check if the driver is indeed not loaded anymore.

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                Thx vbaderks but that will still leave unknown 'shrapnel' behind and I'm never happy with progs that will not uninstall correctly ... doesn't exactly fill you with confidence about the programming skills deployed here.  I have had a look at the install directory & there is a text file, setup.cfg, that has some interesting entries:


                "OS=WINXP_SP3-MAXOS" looks odd as I'm using Win7 64bit


                Wondering if this line should be something like ...



                What do you think???????



                C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT)\uninstall\setup.cfg


                ; Name of the product. Appears in dialogs and Programs and Features if uninstall is enabled
                Name=Intel® Watchdog Timer Driver (Intel® WDT)

                ; Product version. Appears on welcome dialog and Programs and Features if uninstall is enabled

                ; Registry key for this installer. This gets appended to HKLM\Software\Intel\

                ; Unique product ID. Convention is to use a GUID. This is used as the uninstall key for Programs and Features if uninstall is enabled

                ; OS's on which this installer is valid for. An OS can be listed alone or with a range separated by a '-'. Multiple sets are separated by commas
                ; Valid values are: WIN2K, WIN2K_SP1, WIN2K_SP2, WIN2K_SP3, WIN2K_SP4, WINXP, WINXP_SP1, WINXP_SP2, WINXP_SP3, WINXP64,
                ; WIN2003, VISTA, VISTA_SP1, WIN2008, WIN2008_SP1, WIN7, MAXOS
                ; MAXOS is used as the upper end of a range as in; VISTA-MAX. This include all Vista, Windows 7, and any future unreleased OS

                ; .NET version if one is needed. Valid values are: 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5

                ; Filename of log file. This is appended to c:\Intel\Logs\ OR the the value of -report, if used

                ; Normally the OS indicates whether the system needs to be rebooted in order for a driver to take effect. If a reboot is desired regardless,
                ; adding this line forces the reboot dialog to appear.

                ; If set to 1, the installer will not scan or attempt to install any drivers. This is used for application only installs


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                  I also have this question,

                  I'm not uninstalling anything until I know if I should have the two watchdog timer programs on the add remove programs dialog box, or not though.

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                    Andre4905, I'm sorry about this issue you are experiencing. However it appears to be a register issue because there are 2 entries of the Watchdog timer.

                    You can try to uninstall the software or disable this feature on the BIOS.

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                      thank you

                      Where is the documentation that claims this is a known issue? One instance of watchdog timer in the add remove programs menu doesn't have a size on disk value with it, maybe that's the version to uninstall?

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                        Would you please send me a picture of what you are seeing on control panel/ add remove programs?


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                          Ande4905, would you please provide me the model number of your motherboard or your system?

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                            The answer to this question is that the Intel Watchdog timer is installed with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, and also the Intel Chipset software.