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    Updating error for ICH8


      Hi! I am using Intel 965 Express chipset on Windows 7 32-bit system (upgraded from Windows XP). When I try to update drivers for ICH8, my system says that I have latest drivers installed, i.e., v 9.3.x.xx. But when I check the drivers version installed through Device Manager, it says v6.1.x.xx is installed dated 6/21/2006. Please do note that these are provided by Microsoft. I have used Intel Auto-Update Utility but no-use. It detects them updated. I believe drivers are updated but still my system is not detecting them. Even I tried using third-party driver update utilities and they also say that my drivers are out-of-date. What shall I do?


      Further details:


      I have HP 540 Notebook PC and Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 32-bit.