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    Intel SSD 330 60GB vs X25-M 80GB 1st gen

    Dadoulis Paschalis

      Hi all

      I've just installed a 330 new ssd in my system after long time using a 1st gen ssd with WinXP on it! I got dual boot now with Win7 installed on the new ssd but no matter what (either different ms drivers or which windows from the two I boot into) X25-M is always a little bit quicker than the 330 in AS SSD or CrystalMark!

      Both drives are 30% full! My system has a P5Q3 DEluxe sata2 motherboard with an E8400 core2duo!

      Does anyone have any idea?? Can I try something or it's ok?? Of course pc is working great, no problems at all!!