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    Stock i3-2120 Cooler on i7-3770k (Stock Speeds)


      I have an H67 motherboard with a core i3-2120 in it at the moment.  I am slowly working to upgrade my system starting with the cpu (upgrading to i7 3770k), then the motherboard, then the hard drive then the memory.  Since money is tight each month I only have a couple hundred to spend.  The most expensive piece is the cpu obviously but its the most important to me as it will provide the best performance increase, and I have done the research and it is compatible with my H67 motherboard (i've already updated the bios).  Long story short, my primary question, will the intel cooler that came with my i3 be strong enough to cool the i7 at stock speeds.  My H67 is not capable of overclocking but I want the K series for when I do upgrade my Motherboard I plan on getting a closed loop water cooler.  I am seeing a lot of people comment that the i7 stock cooler has similar looks and size to the intel cooler that I have with the i3 and I'm wondering if Intel provides the same cooler for the i3 that they do for the i7.  Could anybody shed some light?  If I have to get a cooler, could anybody recommend something in the 25-30$ range that would basically be temporary until I can afford a decent water cooler?  Thanks!


      Edit: I have seen a few places, can't find any right now, that say the i7-3770k doesn't come with a fan, but I can't find any mention on amazon whether it includes one or not, can anybody verify if Amazon.com: Intel Core i7-3770K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz 8 MB Cache LGA 1155 - BX80637I73770K: Computers & Accessories comes with a fan?  If it does than the problem is mute, i can just use the fan it comes with.