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    DP67BG Won't Overclock?


      Hi All,


      Trying to overclock with my DP67BG and an i7 2700K, but can't change the settings in BIOS, and the settings are greyed out in Extreme Tuning Utility


      I reverted back to 2076 BIOS, still didn't work. Now I'm on 2040 BIOS, and it still won't let me change anything.



      Any ideas?

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          Which version of the Extreme Tuning Utility are you using?


          2209 seems the latest BIOS version. But version 2111 is the latest version that can be downgraded.


          On my board (DZ68BC) there have been several overclock issues after BIOS 0035 (which added support for ivy bridge). You can check the 2209 BIOS release notes and this forum if upgrading will help you, but I would be careful.