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    4U or greater chassis for Xeon E3 series of processors?


      I've specced out a rackmount server using a P4304x chassis and Xeon E3 processor with S1200BTL motherboard.  Unfortunately it seems as though the P4303x chassis are pedestal only with no rackmount option - is this correct??  The specs I saw listed it as rackmount, but upon further investigation it seems as though the specs are incorrect.


      Now I'm in a situation where I need to substitute the chassis with something that is rackmountable.  The R1304BTLSHBNR almost does the trick for us, but we need to mount 5 hard drives internally (4 hot swap and one fixed) + optical drive and I believe that chassis only supports 4 hard drives.


      - Am I correct that no P4304x chassis are rackmountable?
      - Am I correct that Intel does not seem to make anything rackmountable greater than 1U to support the Xeon E3?

      - Can anyone recommend a good 3rd party chassis, something with at least 4 drive hot-swap capabilities that will integrated well with the S1200BTL board and RS2BL040 RAID controller?


      Bottom line is I need a Xeon E3 rackmount server that will support a RS2BL040 RAID controller, 4 hot-swap drives + 1 fixed + optical.  What are my options??


      Thanks in advance!!!