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    More than 2GB VRAM for iGPU/iGFX 4000


      Hallo Intel Teams,

      I would like to have more than 1750MB VRam because most games need at high-resolution textures more than 2GB of memory.

      If i enable by games like Rage/Crysis2/BF3 , 1920x1080 and Highres Textures, the game crash with error message ( out of memory) !

      I have 16GB of RAM and I would like to give 3-4gb for iGPU.

      Can Intel integrate this it in the HD Graphics driver ?




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          The latest Intel graphics driver for your 4000 graphics controller can only go up to 1.7 GB of graphics memory, and that is if your computer manufacturer will allow it.


          At this point there is no way to integrate more usable graphics memory than 1.7 GB in the Intel graphics driver, but I do recommend the tested game compatibility list at the link below:






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            Hallo michael_intel,

            Thank you for your answer. I asked Asus Support if they can give more than 1024MB shared memory for iGPU becuse i have Asus Motherboard and it support only 1024mb shared memory.

            Asus sad we change the Config if Intel sad to us do that.

            So I do not understand why most games show me i have only 1024MB VRAM. That is the amount that I have set in bios under shared memory or minimal memory.

            I think if I can choose in bios 1750MB shared memory, I have better performance in games. Since the Intel driver maximum memory is not supported by all games.