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    Can't install Win 8 enterprise eval on HP TX2000 with Intel 80GB SSD. but can install on HDD

    Patrick Nguyen

      On previous previews of Windows 8, I was able to install on an HP TX2000 with an Intel X25-M 80GB SSD.  On the enterprise evaluation version, I cannot finish a clean installation without hardlocking with a black screen.  rebooting and repairing the installation doesn't fix things.  I can't boot to safe mode either.  If I replace the SSD with a traditional HDD, I can finish installation of Windows 8.


      The BIOS has no options with regards to SATA or SSDs.  However, I have installed Windows 7 to this notebook with the SSD as well as previous versions of the Windows 8 previews.  Just not this newer enterprise evaluation version.


      I initially tried a clean installation to the current partition.  I then tried a clean installation with Windows 8 wiping out the partitions and creating its own partitions.  I then reinstalled Windows 7 from an image and then tried to install Windows 8 on top of it.  It wouldn't let me install Windows 8 via the upgrade path.  But I continued installation with the other option and it also failed to complete, leaving me at a black screen.  Repairing the installation failed.