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    DVI output via HDMI cable not working

    Alex Pearson

      Running Windows 8 Release Preview, first with Windows 8 consumer preview Intel HD graphics driver and now with V9.17.10.2828 graphics driver.

      Asus UX31E laptop, Intel HD 3000 graphics


      External DVI monitor (Viewsonic VX2336) hooked up via hdmi cable and hdmi-to-dvi adapter.


      I have noticed the following patterns:

      - At boot time the HDMI connection works. Bios setup appears on the external dvi monitor, and the dotted circular Windows logo appears on the external monitor while Windows loads.

      - Once into Windows 8, the HDMI connection stops working. No display signal detected by the monitor.

      - If I disable then re-enable the graphics drivers under Device Manager, the hdmi connection works again until the laptop is next rebooted or comes out of sleep mode. This workaround is also described here:  http://communities.intel.com/message/151064#151064

      - If I use a different external monitor with direct HDMI input (e.g. my philips TV) - the hdmi connection works fine, I do not have this issue.

      - The separate VGA output from the UX31E laptop works fine

      - I never had to perform this workaround with Windows 7 running older Intel graphics drivers - this laptop always used to run fine with the HDMI to DVI adapter and the VX2336 monitor, and the display connection survived reboots and sleep mode.

      - This issue is still present with the V9.17.10.2828 graphics driver


      So from the above patterns, it appears there is an issue specific to hdmi output using an hdmi to dvi adapter, an issue that did not use to be present in older graphics driver versions.  

      Just writing up my observations here in the hope this issue can be confirmed by Intel and fixed in a future graphics driver update. Thanks