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    RST Is doing crazy things after upgrade to Windows Server 2012, Please Help?




      I was using RST without error on my Server 2008 R@ system, I then upgraded several days ago to Windows Server 2012 and since then I have been getting message about my RAID 0 working in DEGRADED mode, I have tried Resetting the failed disk several times and it then goes thorough a rebuild process and seems to work for severalmore hours before another failed DEGRADED message appears.


      Now the crazy thing is that now all of a sudden when I take a look within the RST software screen, my failed disk is no longer appearing on PORT0 as before and now where it used to appear it says "Port Unknown", Status: Unknown.  it seems to have disappeared..  But the reallt funny part is that now the failed disk is now appearing on PORT1 as Normal with an option to "Clear and Reset Disk" which I'm not sure if I should now push.


      IS there something wrong with my disk,  did it fail? should I be replacing it or do you think this is a software issue.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


      Here is a picture of what I'm shown below:




      Thanks in advance..