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    DK77MK + i7-3770T + HyperV Server

    Mr. T

      have tried to run Windows 2008 Server with Hyper-V on the DK77MK board with a i7-3770T CPU.

      Installation and configuration was easy and works fine but if I try to start a VM windows shows a error message.

      "Hypervisor is not running"


      Virtualization is activated in BIOS and XEN Server is running without problems.


      Does this board or the CPU does not support the MS Hyper-V Server ?



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          Hello Mr. T,

          I understand that you wish to know if your motherboard and processor support Microsoft* Hyper-V Server 2012*.


          In regards to your inquire, the hardware is not designed to run the software, by this I mean that Intel(R) does not validate the compatibility with third party software. I can confirm that they will support VT-D and VT-X that is required.


          I do recommend you to check with the developer for other possible causes including compatibility with the motherboard.