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    Intel HD 4000 (+nVidia GT630M) Resolution issue


      Hi there,


      I've bought a new Toshiba notebook with an Intel Core i7 and an Intel HD 4000 on board video chip.


      When this notebook is hooked up to my HP 2710m 27" full HD monitor, the screen resolution is bigger than the screen. Why doesn't it just fill the actual screen? Note: Connected with HDMI.


      I've tried setting the horizontal and veritcal zoom levels to 60, and now the screen "fits" however all the text is blurry and nearly unreadable when using 1920x1080.


      I've tried setting up a custom resolution, installing latest drivers, but I Have no idea what's wrong.


      Note: It lists the Monitor as : "Digital Television HP 2710" - even although it's just a normal monitor. Also, on my old HP pavillion and the Alienware laptop we own it works properly, insert HDMI cable, and poof. These other laptops don't have the HD 4000 though.


      Any ideas on my issue?


      Thanks in advance

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          It looks like your system is currently running switchable graphics; this means that your computer runs Intel graphics and Nvidia at same time. This type of computers do not use generic Intel drivers, they require special drivers from the computer manufacturer. I would highly recommend you contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance.