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    DH77KC always shut down suddenly when connect it to a usb 3 device???


      Hi, all,


      I am currently using a new computer with the this board - DH77KC.

      My computer always shut down suddenly.

      Eventually I took the computer to repair and no problem was found in the support center (they helped me to replace all the things and however the problem getting worse).

      I tried to detach my Buffalo USB 3 harddisk and it worked fine (may be it works fine several hours and it will shut down suddenly again but I don't know is it the case)

      However, once I attached it again, it shut down suddenly again...

      So, any guys use this DH77KC Destop board with same problem?

      I hope I could get help from intel support team but I found it is really difficult to email them and eventually i post the problem here.