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    HD4000. Extended display. Automatically switch primary display to external lcd after closing laptop screen?



      lenovo y580



      nvidia gtx660m optimus.

      windows 7 x64 home.



      I always run dual monitor extended desktop on windows with laptop as primary display, and external lcd via hdmi as secondary.


      On all my older non-intel graphics laptops, whenever I close the laptop lid, the laptop screen shuts down, and Windows disables extended desktop and  automatically switches to the external lcd as primary display.

      Whatever was displayed on the external lcd previously is mashed together with whatever was on the laptop screen, and everything is now displayed on the external lcd.


      If i open the laptop lid/screen again, extended desktop mode returns, and the laptop screen is once again the primary display, with the external lcd as the secondary.


      The above sequence is all automatic on my older laptops.


      Also, if i run single display mode from laptop and have external lcd plugged into hdmi, when I close laptop lid, display automatically switches to external lcd.


      This should be the normal behavior of most laptops, right?




      But this is not what happens with my y580 with hd4000.

      If i select extended desktop, with laptop as primary display, and external lcd as secondary, and then I close the laptop lid/screen, it does not automatically switch to the external lcd. Instead, it remains in extended desktop mode, and because I have closed the laptop lid, I can't see my primary desktop.


      How do I make it automatically display to external lcd when I close the laptop lid, WITHOUT pressing Windows+P ?


      Is this an intel driver issue?