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    Intel my wifi network adapters not found?


      Hi guys, i have a dv7t laptop and it was working fine and had wifi until yesterday! I suspect it was a windows update cause it updated the a few nights before and suddenly had problems working. Before there were times that it would be fine when i start up but after a few minutes it would say intel wifi adapter not found and i would disconnect and after a few minutes again intel wifi adapter would be found again then repeat the cycle.


      But last night it just vanished. When i started my laptop i didnt have wifi. I checked device managers and it wasn't there too. I only saw realtek microsoft driver under network adapters. I tried right clicking it and scanning for changes but nothing happened. I tried the wifi button on my laptop too but it would just stay orange(off) no matter how many times i pressed.


      do you guys know whats wrong  and how i could solve it? . really frustrating laptop.



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          Thank you for your Post.

          The fact that it disappeared from device manager may indicate a hardware failure. Something you can check is again under device manager see if you have an entry for “other devices” if you do, then check for Ethernet controllers. If you do have this then there would be a chance that you just got the drivers uninstalled.

          Try using the Intel® driver update utility to detect and update the drivers, this will only work if the adapter shows up under “other devices” or under network adapters in device manager, see the link below, you would need to select the Operating System:


          if it does not show up at all then it is likely  that the hardware has failed, one last thing to test would be a system restore, which would help in case you had some malware attack, see the link below for instruction on a system restore in Windows* 7 or vista:


          or this link for Windows* XP:


          NOTE: This link is being offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel of the content, products, or services offered there.

          If all this won’t work then we would recommend contacting HP directly as this would be a case of warranty support.

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            I also have the same problem. I tried to search different possible solutions, but still NETWORK ADAPTER NOT FOUND. There is an exclamation mark on the icon. I went to the device manager, and found these under network adapters:

            JMicron PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

            Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter

            (when in clicked it, it says 'the device is working properly'...I also updated the driver)

            Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN802.11n COMBO PCI-E NIC


            I cant figure out what;s wrong...

            PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

            thanks a lot !

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              dharmender lalwani

              hi guys,

              i had the very same problem and what i noticed from the various post that latest update of window 7 is the main cause for this problem so i simply restored my computer to the previous month date n blocked the auto update for windows. result ..problem solved..its working fine now without any problem...so try to restore ur system to the previous date n keep enjoying hope one day when windows n intel will confirm having solved the problem with update we can unblock our updates..



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                Dave Dubin

                I'm not sure if you resolved this or not.  I had the same issue.  Windows (or Intel) asked for an update so I did it.  After it was done, there was no internet - it would not connect to anything.


                I went to control panel and uninstall a program option.  I found the Intel Wireless Proset wifi software line and double clicked on it.  There was an option for Repair, Uninstall.  I clicked on repair and after a few minutes, it asked me to reboot.  After reboot, everything was working again.


                Hope this helps!

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                  Thanks Dave, that worked!  I didn't even have to reboot.  It saved me the time of uninstalling all those updates one at a time to find the culprit.  Really appreciate your help!

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                    tobi, i have the same problem. i did what dave dubin said to do, but it was not fixed. I ran the diognostics on the intel wifi and the association test, the authenitication and the ping test failed. did your also fail? did you find a solution? Or does anyone else have any ideas? It will connect to my wifi but not to the internet. help please!

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                      Thanks Dave,


                      I had tried everything and I could not get my wifi to turn on, your solution worked!


                      Thanks Again