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    CPU-Z and DH77EB quick start guide not agreeing on memory slot assignments


      Just finished a build using a DH77EB, i7-3770, and a couple 4 gig sticks of Kingston 1.65V 1600 (already had them).  I used CPU-Z to see if they had automatically been set to 1600 (XMP Profile 1) and notice CPU-Z reported the sticks in slots 2 and 4.  Figuring I had just goofed in the install, I opened the case and saw I had put the sticks in the two blue slots (closest slot to the power connector in each bank).  I went to the quick install guide and those are labeled as slots 1 and 2.  I'm presuming that the quick install guide is the correct information but curious if anyone else has seen CPU-Z report out like this?  Also, the MB did NOT automatically set these to 1600 (1.65V XMP P1).  Had to go into the BIOS and change.  All seems to be running well.