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    using IPP 5.3 Library


      Hello everyone


      I'm using IPP library to work with JPEG images. Everything works fine when I use for lossy JPEG files but I face some problems working with lossless JPEGs.

      I create lossless JPEG file using IPP 5.3 and I pass color scheme to it. Then when I read the file the color scheme is not retrieved by IPP. It says that color scheme is unknown. I have found the issue. It happens because IPP expects "Adobe" string in JPEG file header. Unfortunately IPP doesn't write this string while saving JPEG in lossless format.


      I have the source code of IPP 5.3 and I am able to fix this issue. But to do this I must be sure that my modifications will correspond to lossless JPEG specification. Unfortunately I don't have the specification of lossless JPEG standard.


      Does anyone know where I can download it.