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    P4308XXMHDR, 8 posible disk, but cable for only 4

    Ruben Garcia Bayon

      Hello all


      This is my first post. I'm stuck on this. We are building a server with a P4308XXMHDR chasis with a S2600CP2 motherboard.

      Chasis come with space and 8 hot-swap hard disk carriers. Motherboard come with 8 + 6 SATA conectors. We have put a RKSAS8R5 to enable the 8 SATA ports. Ploblem come because the 8 port SATA backplane use two SFF conector - one for every four disks-, and motherbords come with standard individual SATA ports, but THERE ARE ONLY one cable included on P4308XXMHDR.


      I've contacted with our disti, with intel commercial support, intel technical support, and nobody can find a reliable solution. Tech support tell me that this server must come without any SFF-to-SATA cable, so I have luck to have one. Too this cable is very diferent of SFF to SATA that come with RAID adapters (pinout is completelly inverted). This cable have this reference on it: G14989-003. I have found some on internet, but no stock.


      So, my question to community: Does anyboody know if this system comes with one or two G14989-003 cables ???


      pd: I have put this system in use hacking a SAS RAID adapter cable, cutting and cross all data cables, but this is not a pro solution nor can extend to a more amount of servers.

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          The P4308XXMHDR only provides a single G14989-003 MiniSAS to SATA Cable. Likely this is because the server boards used in the P4308XXMHDR require an optional C600 RAID Key (you're using the RKSAS8R5) to enable additional SAS/SATA ports. If a customer did not choose to use the RAID Key, an additional MiniSAS to SATA Cable would be unused additional cost for the customer.


          The P4308XXMHDR does provide 8x 3.5" Hot-Swap Drive Carriers. You can find System Spares and Accessories that include the MiniSAS to SATA Cable in the Intel® Server Chassis P4000 Family Configuration Guide and Spares/Accessories List.



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            Ruben Garcia Bayon

            OK but... some questions...

            Why the chasis include 8 hard disk carriers too, if I can use only four?

            And why in the hell I must buy a complete kit, with a lot of unwanted cables and plastics??. Kit may be the FCPUPMAD.

            Any disti have stock of this kit in our country. Nor have it referenced.

            There are not any reference to this kit in serverconfigurator. (nor any mention to the faulty cable)

            Technical support does not know nothing about this cable. (but anyway, they told me about buy the FCPUPMAD kit)


            As result of this: I have a very-very angry client, wanting their server up & running. And me too.

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              I'm sorry, but I don't know the reasoning that goes into product bill of material stocking decisions.


              The kit was an option for getting the specific (G14989-003) cable you needed.


              Another option, since you seem to have the G14989-003 cable pin-out, would be to go to a local cable distributor and purchase a cable alone with the same wiring configuration.



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                You are so right, Ruben.  The same is true here in Canada.  The cables are 2 weeks away.  My client is waiting for the server and I have money on the bench I cannot bill out.


                Thanks Intel.  Apparently you don't want me to build servers anymore.  Just for the price of including a cable...  you put me though this??  Nice.


                Like Ruben says, it is designed for 8 drives.  So frustrating.  My disti's solution is to sell Lenovo servers.  I think he is right.


                I did get some other part numbers from Intel.

                The kit is FR1304E3V3ESK which included all the cables and the cable itself is RMS36-0997.


                This is the same thinking at Intel that decided not to include the power cords with the NUC.  Hey, great idea Intel!  Make it difficult for your partners.


                Oh, does anyone see the humor in the SATA cables that are included with the Server?  4 of them.  Can't use them, but they are there.

                (Can you tell I am frustrated??)


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                  Gentlemen, I stumbled across this older post while googling something else and in the event someone else comes across this, I figured I'd post here with some low cost solutions that can typically be found in stock at Synnex, Tech Data or web stores like Newegg:


                  • SFF-8087 to SAS / SATA alternative to the Amphenol cable part you listed earlier:
                    • StarTech SAS8087S4R50 about 20"
                    • Adaptec 2247100-R 1 meter, might have the extra data plug on it too (not sure)


                  • SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 (for controller to hotswap backplane):
                    • BL-SFF8087-05M  LSI 50 CM Cable
                    • CBL-SFF8087-06M  LSI 60 CM Cable
                    • SAS8787100  StarTech 1 M (3.3') Cable


                  I list those part numbers because they're almost always in stock at disti and we also keep at least two of each of those in stock in the event we ever have matching parts minus the cable.